Awkward and Awesome: #25

If my tags are to be trusted, this is the 25th time I've participated in Awkward and Awesome.  Wowsa.  Who knew I had could be so committed?!

- still in my pajamas after sleeping in until 11:30 this morning the schedule of the past week did me in.
- trying to muster up the energy to get some school work done. Hey, at least I already worked today.  At home.  In my pajamas.
- autocorrect on my iPhone leading my roommates to think I was drunk last weekend.  I was at Hard Rock, not Hard Rick.  Also, I had only had one beer at that point.
- having to edit a transcript twice for work.
- my time online just being increased by school.  I mean, now I have an excuse, but it's pretty much impossible to get away.

- the recent blogger bake swap.  Shanna over at Shanna Like Banana sent me some really delicious pumpkin dark chocolate chunk cookies.  Thanks!
- winning Katie's shop-my-closet giveaway over at Glamorous Without the Guilt.  More fun stuff in the mail.
- my cousin sending my watch and contacts case that I left behind on my last trip across the mountains. Now I know what time it is and I can see!
- Fun plans for the weekend including a visit with an old friend tomorrow and a birthday celebration.
- Baking.  I love that fall temperatures make something warm and delicious out of the over that much better.
- using Skype as part of our class this week.  It was so cool.  Also, there's constant Twitter conversations, in case any of you who follow me there are wondering about the #mcdm546 hashtags.


  1. My awkward would be still never having a skype experience. I'm so stuck in the Stone Age...

    Yay for the blogger swap!