(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

I've been doing a horrible job of keeping up to date on life and the pictures I've been taking (which haven't really been numerous).  So I'm doing a huge photo dump tonight.  Enjoy!
These flowers along the rock wall in our front yard are some of my favorites.
Oreos inside of peanut butter cookies...delicious!
The view from our house.
Mojitos--my favorite summer beverage.
Not just grilling, but grilling steaks.
Shep, my cousin's dog. He refused to look at the camera.
At the glass bridge in Tacoma.  This made me think of the rock candy we'd get from the candy store in the mall as kids.
Tree-lined campus (UW-Tacoma).
Up the hill towards the campus.
Union Station.
Enjoying the nice weather while waiting for the train.
Tacoma Dome.
The train arrives.

Hopefully I'll have many more pictures to share after this weekend.  My sister is graduating for college and we're going over to celebrate (and haul furniture)!


  1. what...those peanut butter cookies look amazing basically!

  2. stuffing peanut butter cookies! genius!

    Those would not last long in my house... and it's just me...