This weekend was a exhausting, fun-filled celebration.  My sister is an official college graduate and I officially have a cold.  I think she won that contest.

Her college makes graduation a weekend long affair.  We attend different events on Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday morning and afternoon.  In between those school functions we were busy packing, eating, and dodging rain drops.

It was fun to party a little with the sis and her roommates.  It was good to see old friends and some of the family.  Mostly, it was a blast to make the drive across the state, especially since the road construction season has begun.  (I just told two truths and a lie.)

We actually walked away from the weekend without a single picture of my sister in her cap and gown, and no pictures of her with any family.  Overall, we were winners.  But I did have my camera the entire time.  High five!

Now excuse me while I go fall into a coma and prepare for 10 hours of work tomorrow.  Joy.


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  2. ahhh i can't believe you didn't get pictures!! but it sounds like a goooood w/e :)

  3. I'm the same when it comes to taking pictures. I either take maybe two or two hundred. There's no happy medium...

  4. That sounds like me. I didn't get good about taking photos until I had my lil' dude!