The Line-Up

I know I've been dropping hints about Europe, this amazing trip, yada-yada.  I promise I'm not just a big tease, but the details have been up in the air and changing constantly.

Now that we are only 12 days from leaving, I feel confident that this our itinerary, so I'm finally sharing it with you.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc., feel free to let me know.  We want to make sure we see all the best stuff!

June 5 - fly to Shannon, Ireland (arrive June 6), we have a 6 hour layover at JFK (the joy!) but get to hang out in the first-class lounge.  It's the best alternative to actually flying first class.
June 6 - arrive, pick up rental car, and drive to Dingle, Ireland.  Cross your fingers that I can keep my eyes open and remain on the left side of the road.  June 7 is also in Dingle.
June 8 - drive south to Kinsale, stopping at Killarney and Blarney Castle
June 9 - drive east to Ardmore, spend the night in Thomastown
June 10 - drive to Dublin, staying until June 13
June 13 - fly to Edinburgh, stay to June 17.  We hope to make day trips to Inverness and St. Andrews.
June 17 - take the train to York, a roman walled city, and stay two nights.
June 19 - take the train to Cotswolds, staying in Moreton on Marsh until June 21.  We plan to visit Warwick and Cambridge.
June 21 - take the train to London for 7 fun-filled days.  We have some great plans including all the important stops in town and visits to Bath, Salisbury, and Brighton.
June 27 - I fly to Helsinki for a two-week visit; my friend continues on to Venice for a cruise with another lucky winner.

My family in Helsinki is making all the plans for my time there.  I can't wait to see what they come up with!  (Hint: I'm up for pretty much anything, including traveling throughout the region!)

So there you go.  I think I'm taking my laptop for the trip (chancy, I know) and hope to post infrequently about our adventures.


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip!

    We've been making plans here for your stay, and we've come up with quite a lot of places to visit and things to do! Including a few other towns than just Helsinki AND (!) we thought we'd go for a day cruise to Tallinn with you :) (The cruises are really cheap)

    There's more but you'll have to get here to hear about them ;)

    Great to have you over!

  2. That's a great sounding trip

    Just a quick thing - Bath is about 3-4 hours drive from London so i would plan that bit out if i were you

    You'll have a ball (shame you're missing Liverpool out or we could have had drinks and fun)

  3. wowww that is going to be AMAZING!