Oh, so pretty.

I didn't mention it, but I finally got my camera back last weekend.  And then I didn't take any pictures.  I was just savoring it's presence.


There were, however, some pictures from my drive across the state the last time.  I just have to share a few of them, in two parts, because I live in such a beautiful place.  I see these pictures and can't imagine leaving.

Not that I'm planning on leaving, but you never know what might happen.

I meant to share the pictures sooner, but the week was a little consumed by the GRE (which I think went really well).

In unrelated news and before I share the pictures, my cousin was supposed to be arriving from Finland for the holidays this afternoon.  Instead she's trapped in Heathrow Airport due to snow.  She might get here tomorrow.  Ugh.

She won't want to move for a couple days once she arrives, I'm pretty sure.  Here's hoping and praying she makes it in tomorrow and not later than that.

Now onto the pretty mountain pictures.  And I don't mean east coast mountains.  We do things a little bigger out here in the Wild West.  (Capitalized for emphasis)

Have a happy weekend!  Hopefully you aren't having to brave malls or stores.  It's dangerous out there.


  1. I love our west coast mountains, they're the real thing!

    Hope your cousin gets here ok! Is she Finnish?

  2. I love those pictures! :) Mountains look so beautiful!

    PS. Greetings from Finland ;)

    <3: http://walkingintheairr.blogspot.com

  3. OH how I wish I were there. The Northwest is looking great! I'll definitely re-schedule my trip for next summer, unless I get there on Sat. Greetings from the UK!

  4. That looks like the drive between Spokane and Seattle. Am I close?