The Facts of (my) Life

Fact: Today is Friday.

Fact: I have three more hours of work before I'm free until early January.

Fact: I am guest posting over at Woo! today.  Check it out! 

Woo! was created by the awesome and adorable Michelle, who is currently on her honeymoon in Argentina.  She features really, really fun stuff on her site and I'm excited to be featured.


  1. Fact: I am soooo jealous of you right now.

    Fact: I'll still wish you a happy weekend. Even though it really doesn't matter because your weekend will now just flow into your week without much change and so on...

  2. haha thanks, the blog hasn't looked like that for too long! lets hope i stay happy with it :)

  3. Fact: Love your blog

    Other Fact: Let's meet in London on Friday ;)