A Few Long Days and a Man Down

I've been out of touch for a few days.  Partly because I traveled to the other side of the state, which in this part of the county takes about 6 hours, partly because I've spent the last 3 days in a car (or so it feels), and partly because I left my computer in my cousin's car.  It's now 2 hours away from me.

It's a little bit of a crisis.  I think my cousin did it to ensure I brought her dog by from her parents' house.  My computer is a hostage.  And I paid a lot more for it than she did for her dog.

Just saying.  (No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

Plus, he's kind of covered in burrs so she probably doesn't want him back anyways.

As a sidenote (as if this post is completely off the tracks already), her dog, Shepp, is probably the smartest, most well-trained dogs that I know.  And not well-trained in a give-me-a-high-five sort of way.  More like, he runs when he's told to, stops when he's told to, etc.--all by voice commands.

I'm too much of a softie to make our dogs that obedient.

But I'm back blogging now.  Obviously.

Even though it's been a busy three days, it's also been fun (if a little short on sleep).  My mom and drove cross state to her home town, a.k.a. my college town.  I got to catch up with a friend (briefly), which meant bowling.  As is our custom. 

Next, my aunt joined us for a trip north.  We met up with cousins and my sister for some Christmas shopping, my sister's choir concert, a lot of meals out, and a night at a hotel with hundreds of hockey players, loud obnoxious hockey players.

Hence the lack of sleep.  Also, some people snore.

Somehow, even though I went into the weekend "done" with Christmas shopping, I managed to spend much more money than anticipated.  I blame it on Ulta and World Market.  Those stores are just so dangerous. 

On the plus side, I can't wait to try my Mexican hot chocolate mix.

I love a little spice.  Literally.

Tomorrow gets to be a lazy day, with a side of meeting with my financial guy.  (I feel like the grown-up-ness of "financial guy" in the previous sentence is offset by "lazy.")

Tuesday, we're headed back home and Thursday I take the GRE (btw, I don't need more comments from the GRE people about improving my score through their website.).

Did I mention that my GRE study books are with my computer two hours away?

I'm so kicking that test's butt.

On that uplifting note, my parentheses and I are calling it quits for the night.  I'll see (or write) you when the hostage has been restored to my possession.


  1. Welcome back!!
    Hope you kick that test's butt on Thursday.

    (Btw, how awesome to have a dog that actually listens to commands and follows them... i'd have NO IDEA what that's like)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. You're so funny.

    The burrs comment made me laugh!


  3. I have a new macbook waiting at home for me, I'm so excited! I know that's totally off topic but...whatever. (have a good day!)