Right Now

As a digression from my last post, I want to talk about things I love right now.  Some I have and some I have/will experience.  Enjoy!

Things I have that I love:
I got new glasses and I'm in love with the frame, clean and quirky all in one.
I just happened to stop by Nordstrom (and the MAC counter) last Friday.  As my mom says, "Nordstrom is crack."  I saw this new collection on display and snatched up two eyeshadows (the greens) and a lip glass (in red).  The lip glass is pretty much perfect and I love the concentrated color of the eye shadows.
I always struggle to give people gift ideas, but this year I knew I wanted a watch.  I didn't have one I liked wearing and I hate depending my phone to tell me what time it is.  This watch was perfect.  The white will go with everything and it has just a touch of bling.

Things I get to do:
I'm headed to San Diego on Sunday for a few days of fun in the sun with a good friend.  I've been through the city, but I've never explored it.  I can't wait!
Indianapolis, to visit another friend in about 2 weeks.  It's a place I haven't been and a friend I haven't seen in forever.  What I'm really excited about for the trip is going to the Tennessee/Oregon football game in Knoxville.  105,000-ish people dressed in orange, a day-long tailgate party, I just can't tell you how excited I am.

Also, this:
A few beautiful things I've seen recently (and probably already shown you).

Even though life is rough, there are good things in my life too.


  1. I'm with you in wanting a watch! I've been trying on soooo many. But it seems I have a taste for mens watches (weird, I know) and even more of a taste for the expensive ones... hmmm I'm looking for a good way to justify the splurge. ;)

  2. I absolutely hate wearing watches, I just hate things on my wrists. Rings are great. Earrings are great. Necklaces are especially great. But bracelets/watches? No sank yew.

    The one you like is blingin' though. :)