Lost dresses, Rush Limbaugh and everything else preventing my ability to focus

It is currently 11:11pm and my dad, brother and I are scheduled to leave the house at approximately 5am.

This drive across the state (yes, again) will be the first leg of a 7 day journey for me.  We're starting with a celebration of life for my grandmother, who is still clinging to the earth, while all of the family is in town.

Unfortunately life (jobs, kids, etc.) can stop forever.

After a couple days with the fam, I'll catch a plane for San Diego (via Seattle and Los Angeles) for a few days of fun and sun with my good friend K-dawg.  We lived together (in a one bedroom apartment) back in the land of the Rockies.

As of now, all I have planned/packed for the trip are a couple books and my outfit for tomorrow's event.  I know, I am so on top of things.

In the midst of getting my room organized and putting clothes, which is how I prepare to pack, I misplaced two dresses.  I'm pretty sure there somewhere in my room.  I think.

It's either exhaustion or hunger talking.  I had a late lunch--pizza meets a pulled pork sandwich--which was so amazing delicious.  Then a mid afternoon milkshake, but since then have consumed nothing.

Brilliant, eh?

And of course, here I am blogging when I should be packing.  But there are important things to do online.  Like looking at Rush Limbaugh's wedding pictures on facebook.  (That was me last night.)  Why I spent minutes of my life on that I'll never know.

The time I've lost.

(BTW, thanks for your kind words about my grandmother!  I really appreciate it.  And it's nice to know there are people who get what we're going through.)


  1. you're not the only one in the procrastinating boat girl. my boyfriend & I are leaving tomorrow at 5am for a 9-day trip to new york where his grandma lives and neither of us have begun to pack. we probably won't get home until 5pm today and I'll probably be too tired and lazy to pack until late. and knowing me, I'll also try to organize things while I pack (it always seems like such a great idea to multi-task & clean stuff up as well as pack but it always ends up horribly).

    but have a fun trip!

  2. I meant to say that I wish the best for your grandma as well.

  3. I have some clothes like that, they just disappear. Me thinks they went absent during one of numerous moves...but one can't be sure.