Orcas Escape

I'm a little behind on the posting, mostly because I didn't have internet access for over 5 days last week.

I know, crazy.

Actually it was kind of nice, except for the mass of emails (mostly junk) that awaited me when I got home.

But because of that I never blogged about my camping trip.  You know, the one that happened a week and a half ago.

So I'm telling you about it now.

I have a friend that I share a birthday with (I actually know of 4 other people that share my birthday, including my blog friend Amy) and we had been throwing out ideas for how to celebrate.

Originally we talked about skydiving, which I still really want to do, but then I realized I was losing my health insurance on my birthday, so we put that idea on hold.

Instead we ended up settling on camping on Orcas Island.

If you aren't familiar with the west side (of the Evergreen State), we have some beautiful islands, called the San Juans.

I had never been out there (a crime!) and decided it was a time for a visit.

So we headed out for a quick visit, not quite 24 hours.  One thing I love about the trip...ferries!  Even if the ride did cost an arm and a leg.
The weather, in case you couldn't tell, was gorgeous for our trip.

So gorgeous that we got to check out some amazing views from the top of Mt. Constitution.  This picture is of Mt. Baker, and the city below it is where I live.
The view at the top was pretty much 360 degrees, a lot of mountains including into Canada.

Even when you weren't at the top of the mountain, the island provided very beautiful views.  Here's a shot from walking around after a very delicious dinner.
I can't get enough of all the water.  Back when I lived in Colorado, water was the only thing I really missed.

The only unfortunate part of the trip, besides its brevity, was my failure at packing well.  This may or may not have been due to waiting until the last minute to pack, but somehow I ended up with only a semi-functional camping chair.
Gold star for me.

That aside, the trip was amazing!


  1. I just got back from Friday Harbor, love the islands. I've never been to Orcas though. Next on the agenda.