Hole in the Knee

I'm a bit of a klutz.  Some on my "accidents" are just ridiculous: burning my butt, stapling my fingers together, splitting my head open inside a stump, and scratching my entire body in berry bushes are just a few episodes.

Last night I added to my list.

I was walking with friends to dinner.  The pavement was rather uneven and apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention to where I was walking.

The next thing I knew I had twisted my ankle, fallen, scrape my knee and foot, and torn a hole in my jeans.

Let's have a moment of silence for the torn jeans.

Although I suppose people do pay big money for destructed jeans, and these were a sale pair, so I just got myself a great deal.

But still, sadness.

Now excuse me, I have to focus on where I'm walking.


  1. I feel horrible that I just laughed at this. But if it makes you feel better, something similar happened to me- and I was in tights at the time. In front of a boy I seriously liked. Ohhhhh the humiliation.

    I also wiped out in the middle of a mall. Now THAT was something.

  2. I found laughing at myself is usually the best option.

  3. I'm always sad when I ruin a good pair of jeans. I finally wore through a pair of my favorite jeans. I have yet to ruin them by falling though. That takes more talent.