A Little Vacay

First of all, I'm alive.  I made it back from the lake, even if I didn't really want to leave all that sun and water.

And maybe the tannest I've been in my entire life.  Without burning.  At all.  Sunscreen is my friend.

Those hours spent mowing also seem to have paid off, awkward tan lines and all.

I got to enjoy some wonderful weather, some not so wonderful weather, and some really delicious dessert.

One night my friend, CC, her cousin, and I went into town for dessert.  The resort restaurant has ridiculous desserts.  Huge and delicious and semi-famous in the area.

While originally we were just going to share the sundae, in the background, we read the description of the cheesecake and decided to get that as well.

But really, two desserts for three people isn't terrible.  Unless one of the desserts is 6 lbs. of cheesecake (with fresh huckleberry sauce).

It looks normal in the picture, I know.  Both the desserts are actually supersized.  You could have a goldfish in the sundae bowl.

I know I tend to exaggerate sometimes, but I'm not this time.

But it was so worth it.  Plus, I was swimming, kayaking and even dragging a floating dock around, so I figure I worked it off...eventually.


  1. Ahhhh being tan... what's that like?

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. And those desserts! Holy crap. My heart just lept for joy... ;)

  2. Oh those look divine! Glad you had a good time! I really miss swimming, I hardly ever get to.

  3. Les couleurs de la photo de la plage sont incroyables.