Today started out less than amazing.  I was getting ready for the day, when suddenly I felt light headed and nauseous.

And let me just say that I do not have a weak stomach.  I can read in the car, see blood, guts and gore, ride rollercoasters all day without any ill effects.  So anytime I feel nauseous, it freaks me out a bit.

Luckily I made it through the day without vomiting.

With no help from dinner, though.  My parents and I had gone over to the grands to help them with a few things and the next thing we know, we're having dinner at IHOP.

Seriously, when the grands get something in their heads, just find something to hold on tight to.

After a very lackluster (half) of a veggie omelet, and mediocre pancakes (at IHOP no less), I definitely felt the need for something more.

My solution: Coldstone Ice Cream.  Perhaps not the healthiest choice, but definitely a delicious option.  And very hard to say "no" to.

I am finishing up my evening with a little work at home, while Brooks & Dunn: Last Rodeo that I taped a few weeks ago.  I'm a big fan of country music.

(I understand if you're not, though.  Country music definitely isn't for everyone)

Sugarland's version of Red Dirt Road was pretty dang amazing.

I'm going to sit here, relax, and hope that my stomach is feeling a little more steady tomorrow.


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  2. Ice cream IS the answer to everything, isn't it!? ☺