In Recovery

I've been gone.  Out in the country, east of the mountains, for 5 days to get my cousin married.

It was fun, exhausting, exciting, long, and beautiful.  It left me with stories and bags under my eyes.

We got home last night at 10:30 p.m.  There was a Sunday brunch, followed by present opening.  And since this was a wedding of somewhere north of 300 people, the presents took about 2 hours.

And while my mom, brother, sister and I were partying in the Palouse, my dad was dealing with a sick dog who took multiple trips to the vet, all the while mowing lawns.

I plan to catch all of you up on the shenanigans of the past week, but first I need to veg out a little.  I'm still trying to recover from all the blog reading I had to catch up on this morning.

Not to mention the way too early wake up for another vet visit.

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