Say It Ain't So

I go to Yahoo! everyday for my "news" and this morning I got a little worried when I saw the headline of "Nicholas Cage takes on Batman."

Somewhere in the past, I wrote a post about Cage being one of the worst actors of all time.

And suddenly, with that headline, I had visions of a very horrible Batman series, starring Cage.

Just when they had done so well with Christian Bale (tantrums and all).  But then, I've had a crush on Bale since Newsies.  

And with the fascination with Glee (which I was so ahead of), musicals are very in right now.

Newsies was one of the movies of my childhood.  I loved watching it, singing the songs, and coveted the soundtrack.

I even bought it for my sister a few years ago.  She is a fellow aficionado.

Have I mentioned how cool I am lately?

Oh, Nicholas Cage isn't playing the part of Batman.  Just in case you were worried.  Like me.

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  1. I am positive if Nicholas Cage is in Batman, I will burn my eyes out... ugh. He is the worst...