Greaser Style

Sometimes I don't wash my hair.

Now before you get all grossed out and worried about infestations I may be carrying around with me, listen up.

When I say I don't wash my hair, I mean that I don't shampoo it every day.  I read somewhere you're not supposed to.

Instead I rinse it well with water and then condition the ends.

This saves me A LOT of time in the shower and a good amount of shampoo.  My hair is thick and started to get longer.

Rest assured, however, that I'm not actually complaining about my hair.

I also read somewhere that only 60% of women are happy with their hair.  And you can count me in that 60% almost everyday.

But c'mon, everyone has bad hair days.  Especially when they go to be with wet hair.  That never turns out well.

So anyways, back to the rinsing not shampooing.  Last night, I jumped in the shower and did the whole rinse thing.

Unfortunately, this morning the front of my hair resembled that of a greaser.  I didn't really consider the fact that I went running yesterday, outside in the 70+ degree weather.

Did I mention the weather was amazing?

Apparently I sweat.  I mean glisten.

So this morning I showered again.  Luckily, it turned into a good hair day.

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  1. I often try to go without washing it. Someone told me it's like you have to "train" your hair because once you stop stripping it of moisture during the shampoo process, it stops producing as much oil to balance it out. But yeah.... I try. I never succeed.