Death by Muffin

The dog is not happy with me.  I am eating a muffin and not sharing it with her.

If forced, she would settle for the muffin liner.  Because nothing says delicious more than a waxy paper with the slight taste of poppyseed muffin.

Speaking of these muffins, they are the large jumbo size Costco muffins, which probably be the cause of my not being able to fit in my bridesmaid dress.

(Just kidding, Laura.  I'm going to look awesome.)

Do you know the muffins I'm talking about?

They probably each have a stick of butter in them.  I tend to stick with the almond poppyseed option.

This is lucky, since my brother recently informed me that the lemon blueberry muffins have over 1,000 calories.

There are some things that I'd rather not know.

I keep trying to eat the muffins so they'll disappear (not because they are delicious or anything), but every time I finally finish, more appear in their place.

Honestly though, if they didn't keep appearing, I would probably be sad.

It's kind of a win-lose situation.

Now excuse me, the dog is barking and whining for her muffin.  I better eat up quick.

1 comment:

  1. I ♥ me a Costco muffin (or ten!). The chocolate or the cinnamon crumble-like kind. Yummy! I seriously have to avoid Costco so I don't buy these muffins.

    Side tip: they freeze really well.

    That's how I justified buying them. Before I would feel obligated to scarf the entire dozen down before the went bad. Then I would freeze them...only to find myself unthawing them faster than I could eat them! ☺