So, it snowed...kinda.

It attempted to snow here last night. Meaning we got like an inch. Still people manage to have trouble getting around town.

I went out my car this morning to see a black BMW slide its way to the stop sign. Brake, slide, coast, brake, slide, coast. And so it went until the car finally slid through the stop sign.

Then, I got into my older Toyota Tacoma, okay it's actually my dad's, and preceded to make it to campus without a problem. I am sure that is only because I have skillz. (Yes, that had to be with a Z)

The thing is, I love snow. My feeling is, if it's going to be cold we might as well have something to show for it. Plus it makes my uncle the farmer much happier. But really, I would rather we just got dumped on. Give me six inches that I can have some fun in it. Not this fake-you-out with an inch snow. That's just lame.

Maybe I'll get to play in some snow this weekend. I can only hope.

As a side note, I did almost fall and break something on an icy patch. So, I guess even an inch can be dangerous.

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