Awkward and Awesome: The Short Version

I'm making this post pretty quick because I really need to head out the door to work. First of all, let's celebrate because the week is almost over. This week has seemed like the longest. In fact, I was a little surprised it was only Thursday today.

But you all probably have a Monday off to look forward to. Enjoy! I have to work, but I get the next few holidays off (we switch off on my team at work) so I'm not complaining.

- Mentioning how I was obviously going to be posting more in my last post. And then going silent for days.
- Wearing my shorts backwards to bed and not realizing it until the next morning.
- How often I buy breakfast and lunch at work. And how often lunch is grilled cheese.
- My total confusion over a website redesign for my credit card account. I could not find my transactions for the life of me.
- Forgetting what day I was supposed to get together with a friend (luckily I hadn't made other plans and it worked out!)

- I'm guest posting over at Elle Sees today. If you've ever wondered how to deal with curly/wavy hair, or love getting new tips, head on over. Or just explore her blog for awesome beauty tips. Elle Sees knows it all.
- A friend and I discovered that Four Seasons cheese bar is half off late night. Needless to say, last Saturday night was delicious.
- Plans for a full weekend of fun, even though I am working on Monday.
- Raising over $1,000 for MDA by getting locked up. I had support from my amazing family and friends! Personal thank yous are definitely going out. (You can still donate here if you want to be part of my awesome crew!)
- Something big in the works for me. I don't want to share it here until it's for sure, which is part of the reason I haven't been blogging. It's so hard not to mention.


  1. Today is my Friday and I'm SO ready for a long weekend! I buy lunch at work WAY too much, too. It's such a waste of money but I just can't find the extra time to prep stuff at home lately. Definitely going to check out the Four Seasons cheese bar... yum! Have a great weekend, I'm sorry you have to work!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. Do I know of this biggie already? I'm guessing I do, but if not, then keep me updated. Please! :)

    And that's so funny about your credit card account, because the same thing just happened to me!

  3. Well, now you’ve just made me all curious for what your big news is! I hope you can spill soon. :)

    Sorry you have to work on Monday, but YAY for a fun weekend planned anyway. Enjoy!

  4. At least you didn't wear your shorts backward in public!! By the way, looks like you have a couple spammers above. Shoot me an email (the link is on my page) and I'll walk you through how to get rid of them. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. I'm buying lunch quite often, or at least used to, lately it seems I'm getting better at cooking and bringing from home..

  6. Cheese bar?! Please tell me you had wine as well

  7. This post makes me wonder if there is a Four Seasons Cheese Bar in our area.

    7% Solution​

  8. thank you soooo much for guest posting! sorry that rocket mascara didn't work out for you. it's a love-hate one for sure! maybelline mascaras tend to flake on me.