My Favorite Seattle Spots

One of my favorite parts about living in Seattle, besides friends, sunny days, and exploring, has been finding some of my favorite places to eat.

I thought I'd share some of my tried-and-true options.


Toulouse Petit
A hot spot at night, Toulouse Petit also offers a breakfast happy hour on week days. Not great if you have a normal 9-5 job, but if your schedule is flexible, I highly recommend checking it out. I've had a couple delicious items here and the coffee is served in a french press (fancy). This is another place I've meant to do longer posts about, but never quite pulled it off.

Pete's Egg Nest
My best friend and I stumbled upon this place last year and have been back a few times. It's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall. The portions are big, the service is great, the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious.

Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe (CLOSED)
This is a restaurant I first visited with my parents when I was little and my aunt lived in the area. I just learned that Mae's has closed, which makes me super sad. When it was open, they had amazing cinnamon rolls.


Taste of India
Bottomless chai, huge rounds of naan, amazing service, and delicious food. Once I went here with some friends and they comped us wine. You almost always get a small appetizer and a dessert to share on the house. Be warned though, this place gets crazy busy, especially in the evenings and on the weekend.

Than Brothers
This is the place to go for pho. It's a local chain that offers low prices and a cream puff as an appetizer with every meal. I've been to three of their locations and haven't had a bad experience yet. Want to be a little bit healthy? Ask for extra vegetables with you soup.

Serious Pie
This pizza spot is the brain child of Tom Douglas. I love stopping by here for happy hour (smaller versions of the pizza are offered at a lower price) for pizza and beer. Generally, these pizzas are a fun rustic option. I love the sausage pizza that includes an egg, but it's hard to go wrong.


Cake Envy
I've written about my love for Cake Envy before. Recently, they've expanded their offerings to include cookies, macarons, breakfast sandwiches and more. I still just go for the cupcakes. And if you have a smartphone, you can earn points towards free cupcakes and coffee. Score!

Hot Cakes
This place deserves its own post (and it will get one soon). Molten cakes in mason jars, boozy milkshakes, yummy cookies, and more. All in a fun location. Be warned though, the line can get long.

Did I miss anything? What are some of your favorite spots?


  1. I have a lot of movies and food to catch up with. Be prepared.

  2. I've never been to Toulouse Petit for breakfast, but dinner there is amazing, too. I didn't realize Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe had closed... sad! Than Brothers and Serious Pie = amazing, obviously. I'm not a huge dessert person so I typically skip those spots. Love Lola downtown and we are obsessed with Tum Tim Thai in lower Queen Anne.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  3. I've always wanted to visit Seattle. Now if I do I have this great list to go by. Thanks for sharing, E!

  4. Glad you shared this! I'm always hoping to try new food when I'm in Seattle but I never know where to start.