Wine tasting for the win

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight. I need to recover from my weekend. Anyone else?

But the weekend was full of fun so it was totally worth it. Food, friends, family, football, and wine tasting!

The wine industry in Washington has really taken off in recent years and a small town outside Seattle has tasting rooms and wineries galore.

Some girl friends and I had casually talked about going for a while, and we finally made it happen on Saturday.

I was in charge of planning our outing (and thanks to some great recommendations from Stevie it turned out perfectly).

We made four stops along the way. My goal was to get a variety without killing us. We wanted to enjoy ourselves, not feel rushed, and enjoy some variety.

One of my favorite stops had a chocolate wine flight. Oh my gosh. I ended up buying a bottle of almond roca cream wine. Basically, it's going to be used like Bailey's. So delicious, but not something I want to drink by the glass full.

We also made sure to eat some delicious food along the way. Flatbread pizza. Cheese and crackers. And lots of air-popped popcorn to go with our nightcap -- Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Next, I hope to do a local brewery tour, because if there's one thing us PNWers are serious about, it's our craft beer.

Have you been wine tasting? What's your favorite wine?


  1. I went wine tasting in Woodinville a few years ago but haven't gone since. I did do the brewery tour at Red Hook though and it was awesome... so much free beer!

  2. So glad you had fun! Wish I could've joined you, sounds like a great day :-)

    Aren't those chocolate wines amazing? I loved the sparkling chocolate one.

    There are so many new breweries opening up! There are tons in Seattle, and a whole bunch of new ones in Woodinville too. So fun.

  3. i don't drink, but i have been on a wine tasting (where I still didn't drink!) we took my parents around the Barossa valley in South Australia when they came to visit a few years ago! It was so much fun! Although we learned the hard way that booking in advance was the wise decision.

  4. i think that chocolate wine sounds incredddds...

  5. Wine tasting sounds such a pastime of the classy folks! I have always wanted to go to one...I think I will put it on my bucketlist!


  6. What's your favourite Washington wine? I like to try reds from different regions and am interested in your recommendations