Awkward and Awesome: Two Weeks Worth

This week you're actually getting two weeks worth of my highs and lows. I tried to parse them down to the very best, for your entertaining pleasure and so my lists don't stretch from here to eternity.

I'm curled up in my attic space at my aunt and uncles, excited for a morning when I don't have to set an alarm. Life has been good. Busy, exciting, nervewracking, but good.

Here are some of the best and worst moments.

- The amount of coffee I've been consuming. Morning, noon, and night. Early mornings and free coffee at work combined with multiple meet-ups for coffee make for a lot of intake.
- Monday last week. I didn't wake up to my alarm and that always just stresses me out.
- Recent eating habits. On my early work mornings I often don't give myself time for breakfast, and then I get to noon and think "I only have to make it a few more hours." One day I had a few handfuls of M&Ms and coffee. That's not good.
- Getting lost in the middle-of-nowhere WA. I had to drive an extra 20 minutes because I missed my turn. Country roads don't present a lot of options (or cell service).
- Not working Monday (mostly awesome), then spending most of Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday.
- My desire to go to bed at 8pm at night. I'm not ready to feel that old.
- Almost all of my stuff is moved, but all that means is it's mounded in another location. And I just keep getting messier in my search for clothes, which except for hanging stuff are still in bags.
- My hairband broke today while at work, and my hair was not at all clean. Luckily I was able to double knot it, so it worked holding my hair back the rest of the day.

- A haircut and gelato last Monday night definitely turned things around. I went to a new stylist and immediately felt at ease when I saw her curly hair. And I was able to make the appointment at the last minute. It was meant to be.
- Every time I talk to my cousin, Sarah, we spend a good chunk of time talking about food, recipes, and chocolate peanut butter milkshakes. Love it!
- Starting to think about traveling again. I mentioned Scotland last week (a girl can dream), but I'm also hoping to make a couple stateside trips in the next six months. I can't seem to stop wanderlusting.
- Plans with friends springing up. I love that I can go from an open week (which I really don't mind) to something five out of five days. I've enjoyed an after-work happy hour and breakfast happy hour the past couple. And then I have a party with my grad school cohort, a late night movie, delicious food and helping a friend car shop, a birthday dinner, brunch and Oscar watching between now and Sunday. Although typing all that out just made me a wee bit tired.
- Days full of sunshine that keep getting longer.
- The first blooms on a tree by work. Spring is coming!
- Free homecooked meals on nights when I'm around. My aunt tried to tell me I didn't need to do the dishes--a request I ignored.

What's been awkward and awesome about your past week?


  1. I've been in bed by 9 quite a few times this week. I feel old... but the sleep feels so good!

  2. WA: "Spring is coming!". Finland: "More snow is coming!". Sigh. You've been wiser, my friend, in choosing your location.

  3. E: Said aunt called to say what a wonderful young woman you are, so keep doing those dishes.
    M: I'm pretty sure you didn't make a choice about your own city of origin.

  4. Spokane, WA = more snow is coming. It has been snowing off and on all week. :-(

  5. Not working Monday totally confused me this week, too! Is it the weekend yet? I hope you have a good one! :-)

  6. finding a good hairstylist is a a god-send. my hair is so hard to cut!

  7. I've been drinking WAY too much coffee as well - but it's like a battery recharge, invaluable!