Feeling grateful

I have a handful of draft posts sitting in my queue, unfinished, waiting for my love and attention. They will get done, eventually, but tonight I think I'm going for stream on unconsciousness writing.

Hence that ridiculously long run-on sentence.

I'm feeling a bit exhausted, but excited for things coming up. There are a lot of fun plans and possibilities to look forward to. And I have a lot to be thankful for even if that's not always easy to remember.

Here are a few things I'm counting as blessings:

  • I never expected to have a job in a TV newsroom. I'm feeling more confident at work, have been asked to stay around a little longer, and I love my coworkers. 
  • Even though moving is a pain and am still not settled, I am so happy to be staying with my great aunt and uncle. Hello, free home cooked dinners! (I earn my keep by washing dishes.)
  • While I feel unsettled, I have built a great community of friends and support here in Seattle. I have almost too much to do. And it makes me happy.
  • I was reminded this weekend of how much I love my family. I've grown up close to my cousins and even as we've become very different adults, we are still able to enjoy and love each other. And turn any question or comment into something ridiculous and a little (or a lot) inappropriate. For example, adding "shirt on or off" when sharing our favorite celebrity crush. Love it!
  • I feel like I haven't been putting as much energy into my blog, but I love the friends I've made and continue to connect with. And thanks to the new followers who've just recently stopped by. Each and every comment means the world to me.
  • Some really delicious meals. I love food, but I often take it for granted. I don't ever go hungry. I have huge variety. And I have people in my life who cook well. This past week has involved a lot of really wonderful meals.
What are you grateful for right now that maybe you've taken for granted?


  1. i'm grateful to have friends that support me. And family too. i was super nervous to finally attend a little thing last night that had bloggers invited. i've resisted attending these things for almost 2 years, so it was time. i was surprised at how many friends and family sent a text asking how it went!

  2. I am so grateful for my husband right now, he's been so unbelievably supportive since I injured my knee. That being said, I've realized I really take for granted being able to walk around on my own two feet without the aid of crutches! Sigh.

  3. Those are some great things. :) I'm reminded that I often overlook the fact that my extended family lives nearby, and I don't see them enough!

  4. Right now I'm just really grateful for the life I have, all the simple things.

  5. always good to think about what you're grateful for each day!

  6. I try to think of something to be grateful for every single day :)

  7. I bet it's so exciting to work in a news room! Though I imagine the hours could be pretty demanding sometimes.

  8. Oh that's great - congrats on enjoying the job :)