Awkward and Awesome: Weeks and weeks

I haven't gotten around to one of these posts in a while, which is funny because often the only thing I get blogged regularly are my awesome and awkward moments.

I guess that means I've been saving up some really good ones (that's actually a lie though, I can't remember much before Monday).'

Regardless (or irregardless as my brother says to be ridiculous), you get to hear some of the best/worst moments in the past week-ish (a.k.a. only ones I can remember).

- The checker Sunday morning commenting on my grocery purchases (avocados, chips, lightbulbs, and bandaids, if you were wondering. He couldn't quite decide what I had planned for the day.
- Not winning money during the Super Bowl. We played this crazy grid betting game, that was totally by chance. I came close to winning a few times, but never quite did.
- Paying for Starbucks with a $50 bill. I got all fives for change. I'm pretty much a high roller.
- Realizing I'll be done housesitting in less than two weeks and I have to put my stuff somewhere before next weekend. I have places to stay after this, but not all my stuff can travel with me.
- My work email has exploded. I've seriously lost control.
- Having about three of these bullets get so long I may as well do a separate post for each. I'm losing control here.
- My old ladyness. It's 9:25pm and I wish I was asleep.

- A friend and I have been getting together to watch Downton Abbey every week. Not only is the show great (which I've said countless times by now), but it's fun to have an excuse to see each other weekly.
- Yesterday I got to catch up with a friend from school who graduated last June and moved to Scotland for a research fellowship. It was so good to chat over a couple beers. Now I just need to make it there to visit him. (Any excuse to travel!)
- Randomly reconnecting with someone I knew right after high school and getting asked to help out with a project. Oh the possibilities.
- I started using an app to track my sleep habits. Last night my sleep quality hit 99%, the highest I've gotten by far.
- Hulu+. I'm a bit of a TV addict, without cable, so Hulu+ has been wonderful.

Okay, I'm stopping myself there, mostly so I can go to bed already.

What's been awkward or awesome about your week?


  1. I'm starting Downton Abbey as well, got season 1 already! Hope I'll like it, I need a new show in my life :))

  2. Good luck with your email! I can somehow imagine how crazy it is driving you.

  3. you should totally go to scotland, that would be awesome!

  4. I commented to my brother how my bedtime was 9pm yesterday in which he replied, "You and Betty White have the same bedtime!"

    Ha. I'm not ashamed! Sleep is good for the soul. ;)

  5. We heard from our builder on Tuesday that the carpet we had picked out for our new house had been discontinued and we had to go to the design studio within 24 hours to pick a new one. All in the middle of a crazy work week for me... so that was awkward. But we made it work and ended up choosing something that was two grades higher (for the same price!) that I actually like better, so that was pretty awesome.

    I need to watch Downton Abbey but the waiting list for it at the library is years long!!

  6. Go to Scotland. I'll come and visit...(just like I've visited Finland all those times!)Sigh.

  7. Awkward - an argument that two students got into in my grad class Wed night.

    Awesome - the pet adoption fair that I worked yesterday?

  8. Where in scotland? Lets go back and not stay in really nice places :)

  9. Lovin your blog.
    New follower here.