Monday Pick-Me-Ups

I had a great weekend out of town. The sister and I headed out to the island again to visit out uncle. I will have pictures to share in the next decade or so, but right now I need to focus on school work.

I'm rather exhausted today. There hasn't been a full night's sleep in almost a week, so I'm focusing on the little things today that make me happy.

Here are a few:
- finding a like-new winter coat for $15 at Goodwill. It's Burton and has super fun colors. My old snow coat has been around since before 2000. Seriously.
- egg nog at Safeway. I've been trying to do a better job of not stopping at Starbucks every morning before work and having something delicious to put in my coffee may just do the trick.
- fitting all my groceries into my reuseable bag. Seattle doesn't have plastic bags any more and I'm constantly forgetting to carry around enough bags with me. But today I was victorious.
- my roommate's cat sleeping on my lap, even if it makes typing on my computer a little more challenging.
- weather that calls for wearing scarves, tights, and boots.
- picking and carving pumpkins--plus, lots of delicious food out at the Farm.
- football and brunch, all at once. Perfection.

Are Mondays tough for you? What picks you up?


  1. Good job keeping a positive attitude and focusing on the little things that make you happy. I cannot function when I don't get enough sleep! I also visited Goodwill this weekend... how in the heck I ended up spending almost $80 on '80s Prom outfits is beyond me... good score on the coat!

  2. Nice win on the new-to-you coat!

    I'm finally discarding an old winter coat. I have no idea what I was thinking. It has always been a size too big and makes me look like a giant marshmallow. Sigh.

  3. Mondays are hard, especially Mondays after a super fun weekend. But it was 70 degrees at 9AM this morning which was GLORIOUS. Hopefully the cooler weather is here to stay!

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

  4. I love egg nog time and when it just starts getting cold.

    Did Seattle stop giving you plastic bags altogether, or do they just charge you for them like they do here in San Francisco?


  5. weather that calls for wearing scarves, tights, and boots. - that applies 100% to me as well, but then, what can you expect when living in Finland..

  6. As much as I hate to say it - lots of coffee. Like tons.