Awkward and Awesome: Sister Time

My sister is down for a quick visit. We had plans to go out to the island again this weekend, but schedules got mixed up and I'll be headed out next Saturday morning instead.

So I talked her into to coming down here for a bit instead. It wasn't a very tough sell. We don't have any major plans, but it's fun to hang out again after she left me down here in Seattle. ;)

Anyways, I wanted to stop in and share some of my awkward and awesome moments from the past week. I'll be buckling down this weekend to get a lot of work done, for school, for blogs, etc. The list of to-dos is getting done.

- Still trying to get my sleep schedule on track. I've been making some changes and trying some things out, but I'm still not thrilled. My body just really doesn't want to go to bed as soon as it needs to.
- Finding out that breakfast sandwiches and wraps count towards stars earned at Starbucks this week. And I do love those bacon gouda sandwiches. My bank account. Well, it sees things a little differently.
- How much working again makes me want to buy new clothes. I've worked really hard this past year not to shop much, but now that I have to look presentable, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking I don't have much to wear.
- My blu-ray player not reading the Redbox movies we got tonight. Luckily I can hook my computer up to the TV, but it's still a little annoying.

- I managed to take two whole naps this week. It was monumental.
- Sister time. Delicious happy. Fun movies. And maybe a little shopping tomorrow.
- I was able to attend an interesting seminar about storytelling today at work. Since I'm working at a TV station, it was great to get a better idea of how TV works. It's not something I had knowledge of.
- I got to live blog the debates last night with a couple of political experts, and it was a cool experience. I didn't contribute a lot to the discussion, but I definitely learned a lot.

So I've run out of the brain power to think of more. What awkward and awesome moments have you had recently?


  1. I want to have the time to nap again. Unfortunately, I'm traveling, so it'll have to wait another week...

    Have a great sister weekend! :)

  2. Sister time is absolutely the best! :-)

  3. Oooh! Have fun with your sister! I'm so jealous you can nap... I've never been able to after I was 8 years old.

  4. Glad to hear you got some sister time in! I miss all the cousin time!

  5. Your Awesome is pretty awesome. And your awkward is not that bad. All in all, a win!

  6. awesome:
    Road trips

    making eye contact with people in the car next to you at stop lights

  7. My sleep schedule is whacked out as well - I don't know what it is but I'm going to continue waking up earlier and earlier until I start sleeping at a decent time at night

  8. I never take naps.. maybe just if I am completely and utterly exhausted.. if I take naps, then I count sheep at night..