The Day of Three Desserts

Ten on Tuesday didn't happen.  I had semi-started the post Monday night (meaning I copied the questions), but stalled and put it off for the next day.

But Tuesday got crazy on me.

My dad and I got a Christmas tree. We trimmed it and put it up.  I worked on organizing my life a little.  Ran some errands.  Met a friend for a warm beverage and the most beautiful walk by the bay and through a little section of town I love (that might have involved a gingerbread cream cheese frosting cupcake).

Then it was time to meet another friend for dessert (can you see a trend here?).  I had chocolate peanut butter cake with a local amber ale.  We decided it might be good to have real food too, and stopped by the oyster bar for some eats.  Our snack ended with dessert on the house.  Because that's what I really needed.  But man, the peppermint panna cotta with lemon honey gel was really delicious.

My dad picked me up downtown and we headed to watch a high school basketball game.  When we stopped for milk afterwards, we decided to pick up the movie The Help too.  I finished knitting a cowl while watching the movie.

Then it was Wednesday.  Ack!

I have more errands and catching up with friends to do tomorrow.  And I still haven't hung any of my ornaments on the tree yet either.  And I have presents to make.  Oh well, there's plenty of time.  Right?

P.S. Happy Hanukkah to everyone who started their celebrations this week!


  1. Oh Tuesday... it always sneaks up on ya, right?

    At least yours included a little sugar and booze. I approve! ;)

  2. i've been gearing up for my brother's wedding.lots of work!

  3. 'Tis the season to eat yummy goodies until you have to wear stretchy pants!