10 Skeins of Yarn

Yarn was to Wednesday what dessert was to Tuesday.

I set out this morning with my parents for a little Christmas errand running.  I'm woefully disorganized in my gift giving.  Usually I have everything purchased and done a few weeks before Christmas.  This year, not so much.

So today my mom made a stop by Michaels.  We're trying out a secondhand/homemade Christmas this year, which I call Thriftmas (have I mentioned it on this blog yet? I can't keep my internets straight).

I got home, saw my basket of neglected yarn, and decided to knit.  I don't do anything fancy, mostly scarves and cowls, and my fixation usually only lasts a couple weeks.  Then the yarn is left in the corner of my room for months or years on end.

And there's something about the yarn aisle that always gets me.  There are so many colors and textures.  So many possibilities (which rarely occur as I imagine).

I want to make it all.

I should mention I'm not a naturally crafty person.  Or at least craft inclined.  Mostly I just have short term obsessions.  And that's why I have a shopping bag full of yarn right now, in about 5 different shades.

Hopefully something gets accomplished.


  1. thriftmas! i knitted hats for cancer patients, so i'm all knitted out for a while.

  2. I'm the same with you on short term obsessions. Hence the half-finished throw I was knitting from, um, 5-6 years ago...

  3. I am an addict!! I walked out of Joann's with $75 worth of yarn the other day! It is ridiculous. After a few days I realized the insanity and returned most of it back.