Awkward and Awesome: End of 2011

I've been left to my own devices out here in the middle of nowhere.  (Meaning, I can't even place a call on my cell phone.)  So it was the perfect time for a quick blog post.

I've been trying to multi-task here, which means I've been a little distracted by the internets and real life.  You probably know how that goes.

I'm headed back home to the Emerald City tomorrow.  Then class starts Tuesday.  Time is flying by!

If I don't post before Saturday, have a happy and safe New Year!!!

- The spiders that keep crawling out of my aunt's Christmas tree. I'm not a big spider person (I mean, who really is) and it always feels to me that they are trying to surround me as they move across the ceiling. Luckily these are pretty small spider.
- My outfit options. I didn't really pack well for my vacation, so I have whatever was in my laundry basket when I went home, a few things I grabbed from my closet, and the five skirts I got on Christmas day.  Skirts don't really work out here on the farm.
- The wind around here has been out of control.  But only in the mornings.
- My footwear options being entirely inappropriate for a visit to hog butchering.  Hard to believe, but Steve Madden boots are made for tromping through bloody puddles.
- This break from school was not long enough.  I'll be fine but I'm a little bitter about it.  (Also, how is it the New Year already?)

- Time to relax away from it all, especially after the crazy whirlwind of the week and a half before Christmas (or the whole of December).
- Playing with my cousin's baby.  He's pretty adorable.
- All the football and basketball options right now. I couldn't be happier.
- Getting excited for a trip to Indy in the next few weeks.
- The quilt my mom made me for Christmas out of fabric that was mostly my grandmother's.  It's so gorgeous.  I'll definitely be posting a picture soon.  (I got other good stuff, too, but that was by far my favorite.)


  1. There are SPIDERS climbing out of your Christmas tree?!?! I have never had that happen to me. Makes me even more happy I now have an artificial tree!!

    Hope the weekend goes by slowwwwly so you can enjoy the rest of your break before the crazy starts up again!

  2. Spiders? Oh hell no! This is why I do fake trees.

    And yay for the NBA starting back up! Football may be over for me this year, but at least the Bulls and Mizzou won't be disappointing me any time soon...

  3. i've heard of that--it happened to another blogger! i had mosquitoes once come out of a tree

  4. Can't wait to see some pictures of these quilts you guys got! :)

  5. What are you going to Indy for?! I can send you restaurant/bar suggestions if you want!