Awkward and Awesome: Deadline Edition

I'm rushing to finish this post before midnight, since Thursdays the days for this dealio.  (Who's annoyed that I typed dealio?!)

- The amount of cookies/cookie dough I ate today. Luckily cookie dough is hard to quantify so I can't really admit complete failure.
- Jamaica (my parent's springer spaniel) being completely annoying at night. She can't decide where she wants to be and doesn't seem to believe in sleeping much.
- My packing for this trip back home. I literally took my laundry and threw a couple things in a duffle bag.  I have many sports bras, but actual outfit options are rather low. Good thing I stayed in my sweatpants all day today.
- I only left the house today to go down to the basement.  True story.  See note about sweatpants below.
- A craft project not turning out quite as I had imagined it. It still looks good.  I think...
- The reality of trying to knit a bunch in a few days. My back is tired. Maybe if I ever actually finish something I'll unveil the products here.  Don't hold your breath.

- Eating cookies and cookie dough. Even if it was too much.
- Hanging out at home with my parents and dogs, especially when they're cuddly and cute (mostly the dogs--clarification for my cuz' :)
- Staying in my sweatpants all day. I don't care if it's not really socially acceptable. It's vacation and I do what I want.
- Break! Which includes time for catching up with friends. Many, many friends.
- My sleep schedule has actually improved since I've been home with the padres.  Yes I've still up been up late, but not as late as it has been recently.  And I've been awake before or close to 9am the past few mornings.  This is quite an accomplishment.
- Sleeping in my comfy queen bed with memory foam.  My bed at the apartment is fine, but the one I have here at my parents is so much better.

Well, I can't think of anything else good, or halfway decent as the case may be.  Have a happy Friday!!


  1. I thought you said there wasn't such a thing as too much cookie dough.

  2. Your parents are cute and cuddly huh? :) ~Your 'Cuz

  3. i hope you had an amazing christmas.

  4. I always eat way too much cookie dough when I make cookies that by the time the cookies are done I want nothing to do with them!

    I'm glad you have a break to relax and unwind; enjoy yourself.