Awkward and Awesome: Freedom

Guys, I'm still alive.  I'm free.  I'm happy.  I'm glue to the TV.  For more information, just read the following...

- My attempt at freehand drawing snowflakes. Let's just say it didn't turn out well and leave it at that.  They'd be fine, if I were 5.
- A fan deciding to throw his beer across 20+ rows of chairs in the upper deck when it's literally freezing out.
- My electric bill still hasn't come.  It's on a 60 day billing cycle (which I didn't choose and find weird), but I was last billed for service more than two months ago.  I've been obsessively checking my account balance but nothing is happening. I even called and the automated service couldn't give me more information.  I'm still concerned.
- The hours of TV I've watched today.  Let's just say I've put in a full day's work.  And it takes commitment to accomplish that.

- Attending my first NFL game, on MNF, and it was a win for my team!  Also, I got a cute, warm hat.  And had delicious happy hour beforehand with friends.
- School's out for...two weeks.  But still.  I've finished one quarter of grad school.  It's exciting!
- I am completely and totally addicted to Just Dance.  My roommate got it on Black Friday and I've been a dancing fool.  (The awkward part of the story is that want to use the moves anytime one of the songs comes on.)  It's pretty much like aerobics and I'm learning some sweet moves.
- National Cupcake Day. I celebrated. That's all I'm going to say.
- My plans for the weekend: happy hour, cohort party, brunch, brunch.  I'm sure more will come up with more as I go.  I love winter break!
- Soup weather. I love soup and we've had some good stuff recently: african peanut soup, cauliflower soup, potato and ham soup, thai curry soup.  Yum!


  1. National Cupcake Day? And I thought National Doughnut Day was funny enough.

    I'm happy for your accomplishments with the tv. It makes me jealous.

    Happy winter break!

  2. Enjoy your break, my friend! It's well deserved!

    And I hate the gas bill at this time of year. Maybe it's good you haven't had to see it yet? Ours is a monster from last month!

  3. African Peanut Soup? I'm intrigued. DO you have a link to the recipe?

  4. Hold the phone...Cupcake Day?? I was MADE for cupcakes, how did I not know about this!?

  5. i want to watch tv alll day long!!!! have a great w/e lovely!

  6. Fantastic Awk/Awe list!! Yay for NFL and cupcakes :]

  7. I'm going through the same thing with my heat bill!! To a bit of a more extreme... I haven't received one at all since I moved in seven months ago and I oscillate between being stoked I'm getting heat for free and being nervous that I'm going to get like a $500 bill in the mail someday.

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  9. Hooray for freedom!! I want the Just Dance game so bad!! It looks like so much fun!

  10. i like your lists!

    I wish i did more dance games than watched real house wives of atlanta! i'd maybe lose my baby weight!