The Transition Back

I forget how exhausting it is to start back at work.  Dealing with schedule changes, explaining to professors what exactly we do, late night edits (at least for me) add up.

Plus, I still am not quite used to getting up at such an early time.  The summer was spent with few alarms and a lot of lazy about.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but the transition is always a little rough.

I've managed to squeeze some fun into the past few days as well.  I've had dinner with a few friends, traveled south to do a little wedding dress shopping with a coworker, made it out for a show at a local bar, and worn heels two days in a row.

Quite a few accomplishments and great reminders that I have a real life.

In the summer months it's easy to forget that.

I've also come to terms with the fact that fall is here.  I'm a summer kind of woman, but now that I'm okay with fall there are a few things I'm loving.  Namely boots, tights, sweaters, homemade apple butter and the excuse to eat soup and drink tea every day.

For the folks roasting away in CA, feel free to head north for some rainy, fallesque weather.  We've got plenty to go around.


  1. I'm STILL not used to getting up early and it's been 2 years now. I'm definitely not a morning person that's for sure. Hopefully you'll get used to it soon! :)

  2. Ha, love the comment about the heels. Definitely an accomplishment.

  3. Heels two days in a row IS an accomplishment... I can't remember the last time I did that!