Half-Way Through Indiana

I'm about half way through my trip to Indy.  I had planned to stay through next weekend, but decided instead to go home.

I had mentioned my grandmother earlier.  She has since passed away and the memorial service is September 11.  I decided to get back in time for that.

Yes, I am missing the Tennessee/Oregon game, but I'm getting to the season opener this weekend in Knoxville so I'm not going to miss out on all the excitement.  Just on the bigger game.

I have some time on my hands during the day here.  My friend, Sam, works like a normal grown up, so I do exciting stuff like job hunt, study for the GRE, and waste A LOT some time online.  You know, the usual.

Actually studying for the GRE is new.  I am just reminded how much I hate analogies.  And I don't use the word 'hate' very often.  I'm also dreading the math section.  I was good at math, a decade ago, when I still actually studied it.

I'm not exaggerating when I say a decade ago.  GRE math is not the calculus I took my senior year of high school.

I've also had some fun.  One thing Sam and I do well together is shop.  We shop well, we shop a lot, and we shop cheap.  Yesterday a trip to Burlington landed her a huge haul of stuff.  I've been picking up a few things here and there.

I have to keep reminding myself that I only have 5 extra pounds in my big suitcase.  The good news: I'm flying home on Southwest, which allows you to check two bags for free.  I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing that.

We've also caught a movie, done an all-day pool party, hung with her friends, and checked out a lot of the city.

This weekend we're headed to Tennessee, Knoxville for some football and fun and her small hometown to get a taste for the Labor Day she grew up with.  We'll also fit in a few brunches and some white water rafting.

For today, I'm being a bit of a housewife.  I've done laundry, packed up the inflatable mattress and cleaned up the kitchen.  I may be headed out to run some errands later.

Now excuse me while I get back to my soap operas.  (Not really.)


  1. i'm tired of airlines not allowing you to check your bags for free. What a load of crap.

  2. Oh no, the GRE. Run far, far away. My GRE study book was my best friend ( think it was the one from Princeton Review or whatever). I still didn't do fantastically, really should have studied more. Study hard!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at eisrandom.blogspot.com could post it.