Where'd the Time Go?

I just realized that my summer is almost over and it doesn't make me happy at all. I have things I need to get done. Like paint my room, go through the basement including all my stuff, give my car a good cleaning, visit family.

Oh, and I'm house sitting/dog sitting/cat sitting for ten days.


If only I knew someone with some time on their hands.

Besides me. I would get all that done before work starts back up full steam on September 23, but I have other important daily rituals to focus on like sleeping in really late, eating a couple good meals, playing with the dogs and wasting numerous hours online.

Priorities, right?

Also, I watch HGTV way to much and now wish I could afford to install one of those nice closet organization systems.

Or I at least wish I had skills to take care of it myself. I have operated a drill before. That's enough right?

Except it could be hazardous for my health. I can be pretty clumsy. Not only do I have some freak accidents in my past (ahem, stapling my fingers together), I just recently fell down our steps in the carport.

No joke. My knee is bruised.

I'm sure a closet couldn't be that hard to do. And how much could it REALLY cost? A couple bucks, I'm pretty sure.

Let's face it, I probably won't do much of any of that. Instead I'll focus on writing long, convoluted blog posts and creating to-do lists in my head.

Done and done.

BTW, you're welcome for all the rhetorical questions. It was my pleasure.

Now excuse me while I go check Facebook. Again. And again.