Death warmed over.

Yesterday I finished the lifelong project of organizing my room/closet and now have much less crap that doesn't serve any purpose.

At the same time I contracted some sort of evil, soul sucking cold, so that the organization that was supposed to help me sleep easily was negated and I was left awake and researching car tires at 2 a.m.

The good news is that I now know what tires I am buying for my car, because, unfortunately, it's that time.

I spent the morning/early afternoon running errands around town with my mom and generally feeling like death warmed over.

I also ended up spending more money than planned and not actually buying the one thing I REALLY wanted to get: hangers.

Who knew it was so hard to find what you want?!

Instead I ended up with new shoes (because the ones I wore tore up my heels in less than ten minutes), a new shirt (because my old one didn't match the new shoes), a valance for my room, closet apparatuses for multiple skirts and pants which is I suppose closely relate to hangers.

Now I'm going to drink Gatorade and pretend like I'll be fine in two hours for a lawn mowing session.

Until then...tally ho!

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  1. ...drink your orange juice! and yea...i'm dreading cleaning as well...*glances over at pile(s) of misc. laundry and books and...junk. Eh. It can wait til tomorrow.