Wishin' and Hopin'

Because I have contracted some sort of death cold, evil sickness blogging has become even less of a priority than previously.

Or at least having to put thought into my blog is no longer a priority.

Instead today I provide you with my current wishlist, of some things I want and some (well, mainly one) things I need. Without further ado...

I saw this skirt in Nordstrom's catalogue and fell in love. Pencil skirts are my favorite and I love the colors!

These are Seychelles shoes and will hopefully replace my most comfortable, loved, and now worn wedges. I got the originals over five years ago and have been looking for the perfect replacement.

This fits into the need category. I knew the time for new tires was quickly approaching and my last tune-up affirmed that. And these bad boys are what I will be purchasing.

I finally have my room organized and looking good. Except for a couple unsightly plastic drawers. A highboy dresser would take care of that problem, so I've been scouring Craigslist in search of a tall dresser to call my own and complete my room.

Maybe it's the evil cold or the rainy day, but nothing sounds more wonderful to me than a comfy slouchy sweater. I'm craving one of my own.

I fell in love with Bobbie Brown's creme shadows years and years ago, around the time I got my most comfortable wedges actually. Now she's come out with metallics and I'm excited to go see them in person. And possibly buy one or five.

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  1. okay LOVE the sweaters! and um can we go to bobbi brown?! yes please.