Dogs and more dogs

I am currently house sitting/watching 2 dogs and 2 cats for some family friends. I'm also in charge of watering plants if/when I remember.

At the current moment, however, I have left the critters are contained while I visit my parents house. This is for two reasons. 1) My parents have lots of food. 2) Wireless internet that the house I am staying in has, but is inaccessible without a password which I am too lazy to call and ask for.

Aren't you thankful I dragged myself over here to write yet another stellar though somewhat incoherent blog post?

I thought so.

This morning the dogs (Cosmo and Buddy) and I were hanging out in the yard. Me reading and them sleeping with interspersed attempts to climb into my lap. They are not small dogs.

Car horns honk.

The next thing I know the dogs are sprinting across the unfenced yard toward the road, where two other dogs are sniffing around.

Being the intelligent person I am, I also run toward the gathering of mutts. Because if something happens between these four large dogs, I will most certainly be able to do anything about it.

Upon reaching the strutting, sniffing, posturing dogs I realize my helplessness and stand off to the side. Close enough to yell and wave my arms, far enough that I won't be caught if a melee occurs.

Luckily the visiting dogs run off eventually to stop more traffic. They were probably on a cross-country journey back to their family (like the classic Homeward Bound).

And the rest of us went back to lazing about.

Crisis adverted. Good thing I was there.

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