Thanksgiving Recap Part II

Better late than never, right?

I thought I'd follow up my first post (a while ago) about Thanksgiving, with a second post. Because I have more pictures.

Day 2 was for adventures and lots more eating. It's just the way we travel.

 While my brother slept, the rest of the family headed out for coffee and to explore around Union Square, where Macy's was all decked out and getting ready to light the tree.

 Then we met up with my cousin, aunt and her boyfriend to head out for dim sum. We ordered A LOT of food. And ate almost all of it.

 The we headed down to the water. We could saw the sea lions, saw the views and soaked up the sun.

 Then we moved on to chocolate. Because dim sum wasn't enough.

 Later that evening my sister, brother, cousin and I headed out for a late night snack.
 And then we wandered around town. And saw all the decorations.

It was the perfect kind of vacation day.

(Sorry I don't have more details. This is what happens when you wait almost two months to blog about it.)


  1. It does seem like the perfect kind of vacation day. I love that Christmas tree!!

    Oh, and congrats to your Seahawks :)

  2. Dim sum... chocolate... decorations... I love it! And now I am totally craving dim sum.