Thanksgiving in San Francisco (Part I)

Yes, this trip happened a month and a half ago. But I still want to share it.

I mentioned this way back in November, but since my sister moved to the Bay Area in August, we decided to spend Thanksgiving down there with her.

I hadn't been in the city since an 8th grade science trip, but remembered loving it, so I was ready to head back down.

As with any trip involving (some) members of my family, much of our planning centered around food. I actually flew in on Thanksgiving. I was supposed to get in mid-morning, but my flight was delayed three or four hours (it's a bit of a blur now) because a luggage cart ran into it (seriously).

When I finally made it down, my sister and dad picked me up from the airport where I was greeted with sunny California weather. It wasn't so bad.

We headed over the bay bridge (I flew in to Oakland) to my cousin's apartment in the city for a joint Thanksgiving meal. My cousin, aunt and her boyfriend joined our family of five for a nontraditional meal of shepherd's pie.

Thanks to my delay and our general lateness in preparing the meal, we ate around 8pm, which left me tired, but overall it was a fun afternoon and evening.

Days 2 and 3 coming soon (or eventually).


  1. Looks and sounds like a grand ole' time. I would love to visit San Francisco someday :)

  2. Your Thanksgiving looks amazing, I think I might go there next year and the choice of food is awesome!

  3. I'm sorry to miss all that food! Well, the family, too! ;)

  4. it looks SO warm compared to where I was over christmas!!! (chicago!)

  5. You and your sister look so much alike (in that photo) - it's sweet