Awkward and Awesome: Halloween edition

Happy Halloween all. I'm keeping it real at home tonight with plans to be in bed by 10pm. I didn't dress up today either, but I do have a party tomorrow so I'm no completely lame.

The craziness of this week has meant no blogging, which certainly wasn't my goal. So for now I'll leave you with some of the awkward and awesome moments I've had recently. Enjoy!

- Looking for the "like" button places it doesn't exist. Like a blog post or an email. Back off Facebook.
- The amount of sugar I've consumed in the last couple days. Let's just say it's way too much.
- I've been insured since April and still haven't gotten it together enough to go to a doctor, dentist or eye doctor. That's good self care right there.
- The state of my apartment this week. I got back from vacation and things got hectic. I haven't unpacked and there are piles. Luckily I have Saturday to fix that.

- Hole in the wall karaoke places filled with regulars. I went to a nearby spot for a going away party for work and it had the best people watching. (I didn't sing though, because I am the most indecisive ever when it comes to song choice.)
- My gas fireplace. Perfect way to spend a cozy fall evening.
- Taking breaks at work to get outside. A coworker and I often take afternoon walks to Starbucks and it helps so much. Especially since when we don't go I often don't leave my desk all day.
- New shoes.
- Getting to cook again. This week I made lasagna and pizza. So good. And seriously I have so much lasagna.
- Gas for $3.09. Filling up my tank for just over $36. So exciting.
- A four hour "Happy Hour" with friends last night. So fun.

What's been awkward or awesome for you recently?


  1. I don't have an oven in my hut, so no lasagna or pizza (at least not homemade) for me :( No cinnamon rolls, either. Sad.

    But having a fire place is so cozy :)

  2. I had insurance for 2 years at my last job and I think I went to the doctor exactly 3-4 times? Horrible. Aiming to do better this time, after I get insurance again! Self-care is important, even if it isn't fun.

  3. A gas fireplace! So nice. I'm jealous :)

  4. I'll finally be getting on insurance in June and I am terrified to go to the dentist. They're just going to take out all my teeth and be done with it, I know it.

    1. Krysten's comment cracks me up because that's exactly how I felt about it

    2. I am a little worried about what they'll tell me too. I don't have any super sensitive spots but I've always been prone to cavities.

  5. I was with you on the dentist / eye doctor thing - go get it checked out!!

  6. So jealous of the lasagna and pizza. And I don't know about you, but left over lasagna is pretty much one of my favorite things EVER. Yum.

    Sarah @ Life As Always