Awkward and awesome: Weekend edition

Hey all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was part productive, part fun, and part work.

I actually have tomorrow off because I worked today. A friend is coming over in the morning, but otherwise the day is wide open.

I hope to get a few things done (dye my hair, meal plan, and a few other miscellaneous things). But I'm also excited to not have much going on. Low key days are the best.

I thought I'd stop by with my most recent awkward and awesome moments. Hopefully in my free time tomorrow I'll get another post or two ready for the week so it won't be silent around here.

- Really, really big bummer --> My DSLR needs $250+tax in work. It stopped reading SD cards. Since it's 4.5 years old and was entry level anyways, I've decided to not fix it. And wait until I have a good chunk of spare cash to buy a new one. *Tears*
- I'm really not into holiday decorating. I see people put together great displays. I tried to use some decorative gourds. They ended up on my coffee table in a bowl. So cute.
- One of my fantasy football leagues. (I'm in two.) I was pretty successful in this one last year -- made it to the playoffs. This year...I'm struggling a big and my competitive nature can't handle it.
- How much my eyes are still burning more than hour after I cooked onions and garlic. I swear the garlic (which I love) is way worse than the onion too.

- Snapchat. My sister and I use it all the time. In fact, we are in the midst of an hour-long conversation. (We also text using only emoticons. We're pretty special.) Anyone else addicted to Snapchat? I like that I can send ridiculous photos (completely clothed) and it doesn't take up all my phone's storage space.
- Another Seahawks win. Yes it was ugly, but a win is a win. 5-1 baby. (And I got to be on the sidelines again.)
- Restaurant week (it's actually two weeks). Fancy restaurants around Seattle offer three course meals for a flat rate. I'm trying out a few new spots and can't wait to share the goods with you. First two are this week.
- Four more days of work before vacation!!!

What's been awkward or awesome for you recently?


  1. Low key days are indeed the best. They rock. We are totally opposites as far as holiday decorating. I am way too into it lol. My place is all decked out for autumn right now. Congrats to your Seahawks. Maybe my Bengals and your Seahawks will meet in the Super Bowl :)

  2. Hey, we're vacation twinsies!!

  3. I'm looking forward to Restaurant Week. Hoping to have a lunch or two with friends.

  4. Awesome lately? Texas Football!

  5. whoa i want to come to restaurant week!

  6. Jealous! i need to get my hair done so bad, and i desperately need a vacation.

  7. Ok, apparently I'm completely out of the loop- what's Snapchat?
    My fantasy football team is complete crap this year. Last year I got 3rd place in the league, this year I'm in 12th *hangs head in shame*
    Restaurant Week is so fun! Hope you share some of the ones you tried!