Disappearing Act

I never mean to take breaks from blogging. Life just has this weird tendency of getting in the way. 

I even have a backlog of blog ideas (some dating back months, in fact). So excuse me when I finally get caught up if posts are terribly out-of-date.

I thought for now I'd stop by with a quick recap of the past couple weeks (seriously, how does time fly like that).

A weekend with my sister last week that involved fro-yo and long walks. And a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends from high school.

Lots of work and a schedule that seems to change every day. Take this week for example. I had Monday off (bonus 3-day weekend) because I'm working this coming Sunday. My start times for the rest of the week: 7 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am, and 10 am. It's a wonder sometimes that I show up on time at all. 

And a sleep schedule? I can pretty much forget about that.

This past weekend with my cousin who flew in from Boise. We ate too much, gabbed, watched multiple movies, and fit in a nice long walk. 

Talking with her about pretty much any subject under the sun, even though we don't have all the same opinions, without wanting to strangle each other. I love it. 

The really big news more recently: a place that will (hopefully) become home in 10 days. It's a beautiful condo, located relatively close to work and only just a slight stretch for my budget. It will totally be worth it. 

I can't wait to call it home and introduce you all to it. Plus, I'm weirdly looking forward to budgeting and organizing and couponing (spell check just turned that to coupling--awkward) and making the space work in my life.

Also, I'm really, really looking forward to have my own kitchen and bathroom. Seriously excited.

And a little nervous. 

I've been reading all of your blogs even though I haven't been commenting. And thanks to anyone who still stops by even though I'm not around much. It means a lot!

Anything new I should know about with you?


  1. Oooh! So exciting! Hopefully you will share images of your new place.

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  3. I love it when bloggers move because they all document the experience and it's fun to read about. I just moved recently and when I moved in, I was ALL about doing tours and decorating. Now that I've been here a good month, I've already given up!

    7% Solution​

  4. So cool. I hope you get this condo. Saving for my own apartment will be one of the first things that I do when I get a job. Congrats, E.

  5. Looks like you have been so busy! How exciting for you to be moving in to a new place. Definitelylooking forward to the photos of the new home.

  6. Awesome news about the Condo my friend. Can't wait to see pics of it on here. I hope you have a wonderful week :-)

  7. Oh new house! That's going to be fun and exciting - can't wait to see pictures

  8. Different hour start time makes life m ore interesting though no? and congratz on the new home!!

  9. Oh my gosh, congratulations on the condo! I have been taking a similar break from blogging/reading/commenting because of the holiday, so I'm just now getting caught up. We were in Idaho for the long weekend and it was a blast! I did have some scheduled posts but mostly I've been MIA and now I'm trying to get caught up... a bunch of people have had exciting things happen, yay!

    Sarah @ Life As Always