Driving and Work and Paperwork and Moving and Eating

This past week (and the coming one) has been something else. I enjoyed a nice three day weekend before the week of 4th of July, but since then it's been absolutely non-stop.

I only had Thursday off. I made a quick trip home - after getting to hang out for a couple hours with my cousin from California after work on Wednesday.

The trip to my parents' house was full of cleaning and organizing. With a good dose of eating on the side.

Friday, after stopping by two different banks, I headed back to work for the day.

Saturday was filled with a trip down and back to Portland for a bridesmaid dress fitting.

And Sunday was full of another day of work (the start of seven days in a row).

This week has been no less crazy, but yesterday I did get to enjoy a little zumba with a friend. It was a much needed fun break, complete with refreshments afterwards.

I'm (hopefully) less than 48 hours from having the keys to my place. The last few days have been a flurry of emails and scanning paperwork and calling banks and all sorts of other things I never knew had to happen.

I get to do a walk through tomorrow afternoon, so maybe I'll give you all a little sneak peak.

For now, enjoy this picture of my favorite flower ever.

P.S. Who loves that Instagram photos/videos are embeddable? Besides me obviously.


  1. Ooh, I'm living vicariously your exciting Seattle life!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed on that new home of yours

  3. Eeeeee I hope by the time you read this you have the keys in your hot little hand! PS I can't see any of the photos?? :-(

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  4. i want to see the sneak peak!