Awkward and Awesome: Third Time is Not the Charm

(Also known as the one where I seem to lose my marbles. Don't believe me? Keep reading.)

(Also, also known as the one with all the parentheses.)

This is attempt number three at trying to write this post. I'm up at my parents' for the weekend (hello, free food and family trip to see the Hobbit). I was trying to type up my awkward and awesomes from my phone earlier.

One time I forgot the save a new draft when I went back in, losing countless tens of minutes of work (okay, maybe ten). The second, when I went to save it just disappeared, leaving you all to sit through this long explanation that you've now wasted a few precious seconds reading.

Now it's actually Friday, not the usual Thursday.

Basically, we all lose. You're welcome.

One to brighter news. I'm a B.A. M.C.!!!

And, no, that doesn't mean I'll be holding a mic onstage, keeping others entertained anytime soon.

I'm done with school. (Captain obvious alert!!)

(I just spent untold minutes trying to remember the phrase "captain obvious alert." I actually ended up resorting to Google.)

Let's move on to the main event. The best and not-so-best moments of the week. Not all of them involving me.

(Is that cheating? I don't care.)

*ahem* Anyways...

- I was scolded by the mail woman for not picking up the mail. She rang the doorbell and there I stood in basketball shorts and a sweatshirts. (Now that I'm graduated, I dress how I want. Also, I have fewer reasons to leave the house.)
- My sleep schedule recently. I blame no longer having a job start at 6 a.m. and finishing school. Example: one night this week I slept from 2:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
- My parent's dog, Jamaica, has a cracked shoulder. I treated her with snuggles all day. And made her scrambled eggs with leftover chicken and rice because she hasn't been eating her regular food.
- My dad and sister went to get the tree last weekend and it's still naked. Other things have taken precedent, like a pipe bursting and flooding the basement.
- I asked for addresses for cards early this week and I still haven't even ordered the cards. Holiday season 1, Elizabeth 0.

- Finishing school. Duh.
- I was a baking fool this week, thereby (hopefully) curing myself of the need and having the chance to increase my cookie dough consumption. I'll post soon with pictures and recipe links, just in case you have the same craving.
- I'll be house sitting for one of my professors for January and part of February. This gives me a job hunt buffer period, gives me a shot a waiting to see what posts in the New Year, and allows me to perfect my resume instead of rushing to get it out.
- An amazing dinner Tuesday night wrapping up my last class. We did it potluck style and everyone contributed something delicious. The best.
- Have I mentioned I have a Master's degree?

So, what's been awkward or awesome about your week?


  1. A few qustions:
    a) What is fool?
    b)Are you ok?
    c) Have I congratulated you?
    Congrats!! People who actually graduate from school are my idols.
    With Love,


    Psht, awkward stuff! YOU HAVE A MASTER'S! I'm so incredibly proud of you, even though I've only been following your journey for the past year or so. YAY! All the celebrations!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your masters! What an amazing accomplishment! Now as a reward make sure you take time for yourself over the holidays, you've earned it! You should probably just remain in basketball shorts and sweatshirts the entire time... :-)

  4. If you're done with school, does this mean you won't be getting a PhD? Love, your pushy mother.
    PS. I love you and am VERY proud of you.

  5. Congrats Grad!! I bet it feels oh so good!

  6. Congrats on your degree - you must be so proud of your accomplishment!