Awkward and Awesome: Reporting from my sweats

I've been looking at the blinking cursor for a while. I did this earlier in the week too.

I think I subconsciously turned off my brain last week when my last assignment was submitted.

It explains the lack of motivation, the trouble writing, the late nights. All of it. It couldn't be laziness. Right?

In reality, I've actually been blogging a lot. Just not here. My co-editor over at Flip the Media is visiting home (Australia), so I'm holding down the fort for most of the month, with some support from a few other students.

Anyways, I thought I'd muster up a post of awkwards and awesomes for you, so you can see how quickly I've reverted to not doing much of anything.

- I really need to go to the Apple store. Apps on my iPhone crash pretty much every time I try to use the camera. And it's not a software problem because I'm up to date. I really hope they can fix it. Also, my computer has a few issues as well. Luckily it's still under warranty so I'm not as stressed.
- I have an addiction to buying nail polish. I don't spend a ton on it. But I just see the pretty colors and can't help myself. My current fave: Julep. It looks pricey on the site, I know, but I'm a Maven and never pay full price. I'm taking a break from the subscription until I am employed again, but I love it.
- Christmas is four days away. How did that happen? Seriously.
- I'm supposed to be moving some things back to my parents tomorrow. I've done pretty much nothing to prepare (Mom and Dad--I actually mean to say I'm pretty much done. No worries!)
- I think I'm about Internet-ed out. It might be time for a break. Nothing specific, but I'm ready to unplug. Although, I think I'll wait until after the first of the year, when I'm done with editing responsibilities.
- The tree at my parents', unless something changed in the past day or two, is completely bare. Also, the puppy (the 90lb, 9 month old) loves to drink the water out of the base and chew on the branches. Basically, they bought him a really big toy. Haha.
- My lack of blog commenting. I promise I'm reading guys, I just do it from an app on my phone that doesn't allow for commenting. I'm going to try and make the rounds this weekend to show you all some love. Cuz I really do love you!

- Leaving my parents' house with leftovers, including homemade cinnamon rolls. Dad makes the best ones!
- A friend asked for a restaurant recommendation and then loved the place I suggested. The best! I always worry a bit when recommending a place, so I love when it's a win.
- My dad, bro, and I are headed to a basketball game. It's been too long since I've gone to one in person, and we snagged a good deal on them on 12/12/12. I'm stoked!
- The Hobbit! Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Parts were slow and they definitely took liberties, but I enjoyed it. I'm the type of movie goer who just wants to be entertained. Also, I make sure to not read books close to watching the movie, or I wait to read the book after I watch. Because it's always more enjoyable that way.
- Happy hour with a friend. Cheap appetizers, delicious drinks, and some of the best desserts ever. Plus she treated me as a graduation celebration. Pretty wonderful!

So what's been awkward or awesome about your past week?


  1. Leaving a parent's house with leftovers is always the best! Hope you get some things packed! :-)

  2. The tree is decorated! And Kincade is now scared of it.

  3. It doesn't seem like Christmas should be here, does it? Although I say that every year... My awkward is totally trying to shove my gifts and clothes in the limited amount of space in my suitcase for the bus. At times like this, I really miss my car... meh.

    Happy Holidays, my dear!

  4. Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to a few unplugged days with the fam, as well.

  5. Unplugged? I'll believe it when I see it...
    Love you! (Imagine SK's inflection there!)

  6. Xmas is now 2 days away, can't wait to open the gifts!

  7. I wish you the happiest of holidays that are full of love.