Awkward and Awesome: Rambling Along

Can I just share one blogging pet peeve with you all? I have to, I've been holding it in too long. When people have posts dedicated to photos and then put all the captions at the bottom. It's impossible to see the picture and the corresponding info.


Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.

Also, feel free to let me know if there's something I do (besides really infrequent posting...) that drives you nuts. Really, friends tell friends that stuff.

This week has been cray-zee. So I'm a little (a lot) loopy and already counting down the minutes until I go to bed.

(I'm thinking 40 min...just kidding....kind of.)

Tomorrow I work, then I'm chaperoning a bunch of high schoolers with my dad then I'm headed to my parents' for the weekend. Expect gratuitous puppy pictures when I return. For now, enjoy my awkward and awesome moments.

- Trying to leave a blog comment but not getting the comment verification (a.k.a. sanskrit) right three times in a row. I gave up. My mental health was at stake.
- My busy-ness this week has led to very little sleep. It doesn't help that I somehow decided it was time to start reading for pleasure again. I really don't have time for that stuff. All this to say, I haven't gotten near enough sleep (and haven't even taken one nap).
- Speaking at an event today, being asked a question, answering a question and completely blanking on the second half.
- I've consumed an entire gallon of egg nog already this year. I don't even know what to add to that.
- Me in a grocery store alone. Or maybe it's because I just cook for myself. I can't go for just a couple items. I come home with random stuff. I wander around forever and mutter to myself. I'm not even being dramatic right now.
- There not being any cheap Halloween candy at the grocery store today. I think I was in a healthy neighborhood or something. Needless to say, I was bummed not to find any good 50% bags.

- Being asked to speak at an event about my experiences covering the election for school.
- I've only gone to Starbucks once in the past two weeks. I've actually been using the egg nog as motivation to make my coffee at home. I substitute the nog for creamer. Yum!
- New shoes! There not here yet, but I can't wait!!
- I got to attend a cool event about technology trends and creativity. I learned a lot. And got to meet some new people.
- Waze. It's a crowd-sourced map app. I've been hating the new iOS upgrade (for many reasons) and was looking for good directions. This one gives you the shortest route based on traffic as reported by other drivers using it. And it seriously works.
- A night at Teatro Zinzanni for Halloween. Even though it contributed to my lack of sleep, the evening was amazing. There was singing, acrobatics, acting, a really delicious 5-course meal, and the Food Network was filming. Fun!
- Meeting up with a Twitter friend last Friday for dinner. Thanks for hanging out Ashley! She was in town from CO for a few days. And she didn't even mind when I was ready to head home to bed at 9 p.m.

Who knew there was that much going on this past week. Thanks for making it to the bottom of the list.

What's awkward and awesome in your world??


  1. Seriously- I thought it was just me with not being able to get the verification right! Wondered if maybe my eye sight was starting to go... lol

    And yay new shoes!

  2. OMG I seriously get so annoyed with the word verification sometimes. It's obnoxious.

  3. Sanskrit!!! i just spat out my drink! hehehe.

  4. OOoh, you got to see Teatro Zinzanni! :) Awesome. I also hate word verification because it's so hard to read most of the time. I end up typing way more than the length of my comment itself, so sometimes I just give up. :p

  5. Ugh, seriously those work verification things are the absolute worst!!
    xo TJ

  6. And of course when I say work, I mean worD...

  7. Okay, to be brutally honest, I HATE comment verification!! I must be half blind or something, because I rarely get it on the first try and I will often leave a person's blog who has comment verification feeling annoyed. Is this a personal problem?

  8. We only have 2 Starbucks in Finland (Helsinki), as far as I know, and both in the airport.. I moved here 1 year ago, so I'm not fully sure, but I think there're only 2.. would be nice if they opened more, in the city center.. I miss the vanilla latte..

  9. How is word verification STILL A THING?! Drives me crazy. And whyyyyy do people still choose to have it on their blogs?!?! So annoying. And I'm sorry it's affecting your mental state. Hah. ;)

  10. I agree with Laitinen! But I think they've been talking about opening one downtown Helsinki too. Who knows when, though.

  11. I recently saw Argo too - soo good! (unrelated though).

    My mouth started watering at the thought of egg nog. I didn't realise how much I missed it until this most moment...Oh homesickness.

  12. The whole picture things drives me absolutely insane. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about by the time I get down to the bottom. Don't even get me started on the captcha thing. Sometimes I end up not leaving comments on blog becuase I get so frustrated.


  13. you do what i do too substitute eggnong for coffee creamer too plus i love starbucks eggnog latte!! cant wait to have my first one

  14. Blog comment verification is lame. Total Sanskrit. I feel your pain.