Summer reading list

First of all, hi. Life has a way of taking over sometimes -- funny how that happens. 

I didn't mean to disappear from blogging for months. A few days turned into a week, etc., and then I felt like I should have some big reappearance post. 

Instead, I'm skipping that. Too much pressure. I'd much rather just start blogging again. 

Today, a visit to a book store netted me three brand new books. I start browsing and it's hard for me to say no.

But I also knew I had one or two books at home I'd been meaning to read. 


Make that 19.

So I've officially banned myself from buying new books. 

Really, I blame my Kindle. It's too darn easy to pick new books to read without leaving my bed. 

No longer. 

Instead it's time to get serious about this stack. 


  1. That's why I don't buy books. I'll just keep accumulating and not reading them.

  2. Hah, my to-read stack also keeps growing but I don't slow down the buying! I should really organize a sort of summer blogger book swap because I'm going to have a slew of finished books at the end of it and not enough bookshelf storage space

  3. Nice to see you again!

    I have a trip to Half Priced Books lined up. I have too many books & DVDs to return. But, since I only purchase books I've read before, I'm not too concerned about my purchases there.

  4. Going to a bookstore is a deadly and expensive adventure for me. There are just so many books, that it's hard to decide on a few.

  5. I have this book that I've been meaning to read forever!

    7% Solution

  6. Yay, you're back!!!

    And thumbs up for the reading list!