And so I ran

I don't have many words for what happened in Boston today. It was horrifying, mind numbing, unfathomable.

But the one thing I knew as I walked out of the doors after more than a few exhausting hours at work...I was going to run.

In some ways, it felt like the only thing I could do.

So far removed from a tragedy, it's easy to feel helpless.

While running wasn't necessarily contributing to anything greater, it made me feel a tiny bit closer to everyone who's lives were inexplicably altered this afternoon.

And it offered a release and time to just unplug.

My thoughts and prayers are with Boston tonight.


  1. Running is a place for the mind when affected by any kind of feeling. At least for me.

  2. Still trying to process what happened... such a horrible tragedy.

  3. First, congratulations on getting a job! That's awesome. Good for you.

    Secondly, it is absolutely tragic. I think connecting any way you can is all anyone can ask for.